Consentio for Points of Sale

We help taking care of your business

The organization is the cornerstone of your business, as efficiency and daily management are. We are experts helping in what you need, do you want to know how? Consentio helps you to:


With Consentio you have all your orders in one spot, allowing you to manage them automatically. A detailed order history allows you to - for instance - repeat orders with a simple tap on your screen, no need of re-create a new list of products, prices, etc. You gain time, close deals, keep on going.


In a personalized way. Forget the shipping cumbersome processes, on Consentio you decide where your orders are shipped from and where do they have to arrive to reducing to zero any errors or problems. Adjust the transport parameters in a simple and amazing way. Smile.  


Having all in one platform, you will have a grouped management tool allowing you to control what you spend. Measure your profits, who each expense should be assigned to, define the expenditure items and optimize any other cost parameter. Your Order History at Consentio will let you see the expenses generated by each of the deals, take decisions quickly and adapted to each case. It has never been so easy to know where and to what your money is going to.