8. Secure donor commitments to contextualize, revise, trial, and finalize Target 4.7 themes and SEL in educational materials

The donor community understands that improving the quality of education and learning is a major factor in achieving sustainable development. However, donors do not always recognize the importance of and time necessary for contextualizing Target 4.7 themes in order to make those themes relevant and actionable in under- resourced or conflict-affected settings. For example, instructional methods and digital technology typically used in high resource countries to convey Target 4.7 themes are less available in low-resourced and conflict-affected settings.

Donors could usefully support different approaches in these settings, including, as described above, reviewing existing text-based materials and creating a new generation of textbooks. Business as usual will not produce the quality of education necessary to support sustainable development. Ideally, donors would commit sufficient resources to prepare relevant guidance and tools to contextualize Target 4.7 themes and SEL and to trial those guidance and toolsin interested countries. Finally, donors could help build and provide open access to the growing knowledge base around SEL and Target 4.7 themes and their application in diverse settings.

RECOMMENDATION 8 (a) In countries that express an interest in integrating Target 4.7 themes and SEL into educational materials, donors and NISSEM members should support developing and trialling of prototype writer-training workshops, creating improved and contextualised educational materials and sharing results nationally and internationally.

RECOMMENDATION 8 (b) Donors should support the development of standard criteria and guidance regarding the inclusion of SEL and Target 4.7 thematic elements in education materials.