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The NISSEM global briefs are a collection of peer-reviewed essays from over 60 contributors with standing within the field of education. At the junction of SDG Target 4.7, SEL, and education in post conflict and low-resource settings, the NISSEM global briefs are a key resource for current research and practice.

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Find individual briefs by author below:

Colette Chabbott, Margaret Sinclair & Andy Smart Contextualizing social and emotional learning
17. Katherine Pedersen Blanchard, Heidi Gibson & Carol O’Donnell: Understanding yourself as a foundation for exploring the world
Andy Smart, Jean Bernard & Margaret Sinclair Bringing it to life in the classroom
28. Susan Hirsch-Ayari, Agatha van Ginkel & Muhib ur Rahman Muhib: Field notes: Social and emotional learning in USAID’s Afghan Children Read project
Aaron Benavot, Margaret Sinclair Measurement, monitoring and assessment
Colette Chabbot, Margaret Sinclair Strategic Measures
Aaron Benavot, Jean Bernard, Colette Chabbott, S. Garnett Russell, Margaret Sinclair, Andy Smart & James H. Williams What does NISSEM propose?



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